D.I.Y Wall Decor

Looking for something pretty to hang on your walls? Still haven’t found that beautiful piece of art that you’ve been looking for?

Why not to try something new and create your own art? It’s not that hard… actually it can be quite simple… you just need the right materials and tools and a pinch of imagination. Have a look at these very cool ideas and have some inspiration!

You will need:

  • Washy tape
  • Canvas
  • Paint and brush








There are so many pretty and fun ways to put some color and some personality on your walls… Find here some more inspiring ideas and wall art D.I.Y.

Happy creations everyone.

See you again soon! ❤



Walls full of life…

For those who (like me) love walls full of life and personality…

Today I brought you some very pretty ideas to decorate your home… There is always something you can do to put some color and some life on your walls.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, it doensn’t have to make a mess, you need to make many holles… it just have to have your style… your heart…

So go ahead and get inspired with these beautiful wall decorations!

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D.I.Y. – Wall decor chalk board

Very nice D.I.Y. idea. If you are thinking about creating something special to decorate or redecorate your place have a look at this “I Love You to the Moon” D.I.Y. and find some inspiration.

You will need:


1 Canvas

Black chalk paint

Chalk markers

Small deco lights



How to do it:


Paint the artist board with black chalk paint.

Allow to dry. Using bistro chalk markers drew your design design.

Drill a few holes and inserting the Teeny Lights from the back to create stars.

Chalk Art Design created By Georgina from our Gresham Store @shopcraftwarehouse

Get inspired

Hi everyone!

From now on we will be sharing with you some inspiring “Post-its”. We have prepared some very nice quotes inspired in our design collection from our  Etsy Shop.

You can also find our new “Post-its” visting our Instagran and Facebook fan page. So, come over cheer up your day and share some inspiration with your friends!




DIY – Recycled Provinçal Side Table

I bought this cute side table on Gumtree but it really needed a little upgrade, so I decided to start a new DIY project 🙂

  FullSizeRender 18

My idea was to give it a Provençal look so I choose to use two different colours to achieve a more elegant effect.

For the legs I used white and the top I choose a dark veneer.

How I did it:

First thing I use a good sand to prepare for the painting. I used number 120.

Second I use PREP and allow it to dry before start the painting. Wait at least 2-3 hours.

The painting will depend of what effect do you want to achieve. I wanted to cover the legas completely so applied the coat 3 times. Always allow to dry between coats.

FullSizeRender 14

For a dark effect I choose a Dark Oak veneer and applied 3 coats.

That is the final result! Very happy with that!

FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 7

How to create a gallery wall


It can be tricky to find the right frames style or size, the right colours or the best way to hang your favorite pictures when creating a gallery wall. Sometimes the results don’t come the way we were expecting. So to help you to achieve the best results and do not spend to much time working things out, we brought you a few tips:

1: Consider the size of your wall. Choose 1-2 large frames and some small – medium. Avoid put the big ones in the centre to distribute it better.

2: Chose a background color.

3: Choose different frame styles. But be careful and don’t mix it to much.

4. Keep at least 4 – 7cm between each piece of art. And don’t forget to allow at least 10cm between the sofa and the lower frame.

5. Create paper cutouts of the frames.

6. Compose the artwork on the ground. It’s a good way for you to visualise what you are creating.

7. Use some tape to hang the cutouts on the wall the same way you did on the ground.

8. Hammer hooks, and hang frames.


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