Hi everyone!! Welcome to LivingRoom Design & Decor!

Hello everyone!!!

It is very exciting to finally launch this blog!

This is the place for you to find pretty ideas and lots of inspiration to decorate your home sweet home, your office, to find some nice and easy DIY, to pick some great ideas for your kids… just come inside and let the fun begin! 🙂

Ok, so… that is me:


I’m Fernanda, and I am a Brazilian – Aussie girl who loves Decor, DIY and Craft. I moved to Australia with my husband in 2009, and now, almost 7 years later, we’ve become a happy and busy family of four!! Our lives have changed a lot since we arrived in Melbourne, and even more after the arrival of our two beautiful kids, Pedro (4) and Laura (2).

I decided to stay at home since Pedro was born, but I can’t stop finding new things to do… My mind just doesn’t stop… what I quite like, actually!! 🙂

Few months ago I started this project wich is creation and design of Digital Wall Art. That’s also why I decided to create this blog, to share ideas, art and designs with everyone!

Come on in, spend some time, have fun and some inspiration… I will be very happy if I can inspire you to create something you love!

Thanks for visiting!




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