DIY washy tape wall decor

I just love this idea from Everything Emily‘s blog! So simple and so nice.

You can create this beautiful modern wall art using only washy tape.


That’s an excellent option for those renting a house (how painful is it to paint or making roles on the walls??). Also wallpaper or some wall decals can be very expensive, that’s why washy tape comes very handy! Easy to apply and easy to remove when you move out or when you decide redecorate.

You just need: tape measure, washy tape (depends what you are doing and the size of your wall), a pencil, scissors, and a hair dryer (optional).

Before you start:

  • Do some measurements! Decide the measurement to put the decals (In here, she choose to put de decals 5″ apart). You can make little dots on the wall, but don’t forget to consider the size of the decal you’re gonna use!
  • Clean the walls.



You can do so many different designs… I’m seriously thinking about doing something like that in my kids bedroom… let’s see… 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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