How to create a gallery wall


It can be tricky to find the right frames style or size, the right colours or the best way to hang your favorite pictures when creating a gallery wall. Sometimes the results don’t come the way we were expecting. So to help you to achieve the best results and do not spend to much time working things out, we brought you a few tips:

1: Consider the size of your wall. Choose 1-2 large frames and some small – medium. Avoid put the big ones in the centre to distribute it better.

2: Chose a background color.

3: Choose different frame styles. But be careful and don’t mix it to much.

4. Keep at least 4 – 7cm between each piece of art. And don’t forget to allow at least 10cm between the sofa and the lower frame.

5. Create paper cutouts of the frames.

6. Compose the artwork on the ground. It’s a good way for you to visualise what you are creating.

7. Use some tape to hang the cutouts on the wall the same way you did on the ground.

8. Hammer hooks, and hang frames.


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ks1 (1)


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